Mickey Vetere bought his first Cadillac XLR right after his long-time friend Vic Tomasicchio got one; […]
Like we said last week, we do what we can to support first responders. Much like […]
As you all might have seen on our socials earlier this year, we do whatever we […]
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Dom and Kemp found this first-generation Camaro as a diamond in the not-so-rough; purchased from its […]
Gisele Derhak has been what we like to call our ‘Den Mother’ for the last 30 […]
Dom’s Auto Parts has been an active member in the local business community, including the Clarington […]
60 years is a lot of time to accumulate a lot of stuff. Dom has always […]
“Dom’s Auto Parts is one of my marquee members in Ontario. Often times when I try […]
It’s playoff season! Go, Leafs, go! The management at Dom’s Auto Parts has always been a […]