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Auto Recycling

Over the years, auto recyclers have been given a bad rap for environmental damage. This is not the case, at Dom’s Auto Parts we are proud to say that all of our vehicles are dismantled with the utmost concern for the environment.

Since roughly 80% of a vehicle can be reused or recycled, we do just that. We take each vehicle and carefully remove all fluids and toxic material that pose a risk to the environment such as oils, fuel, anti-freeze and mercury switches to name a few. We partner with several different Associations and Programs to ensure the proper disposal of the toxins such as the Mercury Switch Out program.

Once all of the toxins are removed, we then strip the vehicles of any additional items such as batteries and tires which are also safely disposed of or resold. At this point the vehicles are sent to the yard for customers to pick additional recycled parts for reuse.

After all parts are removed and a vehicle skeleton is left, the vehicle is then crushed and sold for the metal. The metal is reused to create new products. The cycle begins all over again.

Saving you Money

Not only does auto recycling help the environment, it also saves you money. Reduce your vehicle repair cost without sacrificing quality from our large selection of pre-dismantled cleaned and tested OEM recycled auto and truck parts. All of Dom’s parts are put into an inventory system so you can purchase reused original manufactured parts at a fraction of the cost of a new part. Many of our recycled parts come with warranties.

Dom’s Auto Parts also supplies body and mechanical parts to Insurance companies, body shops, mechanical repair facilities and other recyclers. If your vehicle is in for repair ask about the quality Green Recycled Parts option.